Custom small molecule synthesis

Custom Synthesis Ltd provides a full range of chemical synthesis service to drug discovery, agrochemical and related industries. We can synthesis compounds in quantity from a few milligrams to multi-gram.

Custom compounds can be synthesized using methods developed by our custom synthesis team or synthetic protocols provided from your side.

Core Competency
• Organic synthesis in general
• Multi-step synthesis
• Fine chemicals and specialty chemicals
• API's and intermediates
• Heterocyclic chemistry (e.g. indoles, pyridines, pyrimidines, piperazines, etc.)

Purity assessment: HPLC; HRMS; GC; etc.
Structure validation: H1-, C13-NMR

All of analytical data are available for customers free of charge. Our standard purity is at least 97%. Please note the higher purity is higher cost because there is a big difference between 97% and 99%.

Custom Synthesis Ltd has over 10 years experience in custom organic and contact synthesis. We have a very high success rate ~90%. This fact allows us don't require any prepayment. You pay only for delivered compound.

Chemistry Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Service is also available. One or more chemists will be assigned to the project full-time. Progress of the work is communicated at regular intervals, typically in written weekly or monthly reports. Samples of intermediate substances are available upon request at any stage of the synthesis.

For starting our cooperation please just send chemical name or/and CAS number of the desired compound. We will answer you in 24-48 hours.


7929 Silverton Ave., Suite 615, San Diego, CA 92126, USA. Please contact us at combichem-at-gmail-dot-com.